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#StoryStoryNG: 5 things no one would’ve told you about foremost writer, Toni Kan

Toni Kan.

Toni Kan.
Toni Kan.

Foremost writer and PR Consultant Toni Kan was at the British Council located in Ikoyi, Lagos, on Tuesday.

He was there to lecture the 35 selected participants at Chris Ihidero’s “Story Story” Masterclass in structure in storytelling.

During his session at the workshop, the 44-year-old made some revelations about himself, which you may find surprising.

Our affiliate NET summarised them here…

  • He once wanted to be a doctor
  • He wrote JAMB three times and he was “Jambed”
  • He grew up reading books
  • He moved from studying Medicine to English
  • He left school in 1995 and came to Lagos


Author: Rotimi Akinola

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